The Magic of YOUR Business

We are ALL capable and magical. But we’ve been programmed to believe we’re only valuable if we fit in. If we conform. If we don a vanilla mask “for appearance’ sake,” just like everyone else.

So we look at our successful “competitors” and try to replicate their logos, their websites, their aesthetics, their copy.

But that’s doing yourself a huge disservice. Because the truth is, NO ONE CAN — or will EVER BE — YOU.

So I offer you something powerful: the ability to harness — visually and energetically — the full magnificence of the REAL YOU.

Because your real power — the magnetism of your business, mission, or way of BEing — lies in fully embracing YOUR UNIQUE MAGIC and putting it on display.

As a professional artist and designer who’s ALSO an intuitive energy healer, I’m able to harness and package your unique energy signature so that your TRUE AUDIENCE can FEEL it viscerally.

Your magic is beyond the mind. Beyond words. Beyond definition. It’s your ENERGY. And the graphics I create translate that into visual form.

Get an energetic advantage.: BE YOU. Fully.

Heads up - magic doesn’t come from the bargain basement, so you’ll need to be ready to dive in and commit to your FULL, MAGNETIC PRESENCE!




A logo is THE most important piece of visual communication you’ll ever co-create. It will be the most frequently used, and the most often required to communicate on its own, without other context.

So, your logo NEEDS to have impact. A unique story that your audience can connect to and remember. Layers and layers of meaning. Plus, YOUR ENERGETIC SIGNATURE (and/or that of your business).

A business that not only HAS soul — but BROADCASTS it energetically, through its visuals — will be compelling. Engaging. And ultimately magnetic.



I’ve found that most entrepreneurs and small businesses don’t need custom platforms and extensive featured functionality. With the continual updates and upgrades to platforms and devices, you’ll be much happier with an existing Content Management System (Wordpress or Squarespace) that alleviates the “what if it breaks?” fears.

I specialize in suggesting and implementing website solutions that both give you what you need and have that special energetic WOW that your visitors will FEEL.

With over 22 years in the web design and website management industry, plus years of experience in SEO and Content Marketing, I’ve got you covered!

Then, we get to infuse it all with YOUR MAGIC!



Whether you need ongoing graphic support or a one-time project completed, YOUR MAGIC is important.

If you “get” that, and you’re ready for something that’s not only “professional” (a good word for generic, don’t you think?) but also SOUL-ALIGNED and RESONANT, it’s time to talk.

If you’re ready to stand above and stand apart — not for who you pretend to be, but for who you REALLY ARE, wholly and fully, with all your unique skills and experiences and talents and presence — then I’m here to hold your hand and co-create something that you’ll be proud of.

Something you’ll be remembered by — on many levels.

Which makes for a truly satisfying investment, don’t you think?!

Besides being a busy single mom to an incredible 10yo boy and two goofy canines, Mellie is a multi-talented, multidimensional intuitive artist, professional graphic/web designer, art teacher, speaker, and healer. Oh, and a real live unicorn!

She’s got extensive professional experience in various complex, synergistic roles. Mellie defies the odds (she’s a unicorn, remember?!) because she’s got the depth, the experience, the talent to handle multiple roles at once with ease and precision. You can find her full resume and Titles on LinkedIn here.

Mellie TRULY believes we all have unique magic, and empowers her students and clients to step forward and CLAIM it!

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