Because of the amount of energy and time and intuition - the energetic commitment - Mellie puts into every stage of each project, no refunds will be issued.

Before you sign-up, please make sure you’re also fully energetically committed to the offering or course. If you need more information to help you make a solid decision, contact Mellie with your questions.

By submitting your payment, you are confirming that you understand the nature of intuition, as well as your faith in my ability to tune in and bring through what is needed from a higher level – not necessarily what the mind thinks it wants. 

You are confirming that you understand and appreciate the nature of intuition as unpredictable and even indescribable, as it involves tapping into an energy deeper than most formulaic or mind-driven “traditional design” or “traditional art”. You understand that Mellie works more deeply and powerfully than your “average”  or “ordinary designer/artist,” and you acknowledge that you have the choice of employing someone else instead to achieve a specific goal if you decide you’re uncomfortable with this deeper and unique way of working.

You understand that intuition does NOT follow any specific formula. It is pure creativity, responsive only to the energies in each moment. Each design concept is as much a surprise and delight to Mellie as it is to her clients.  It’s about the process, the journey, and remaining open to possibilities. Each design “decision” is made in the present moment, and is neither dictated by an agenda nor limited by the mind’s need for certainty. Mellie intends to dive beyond the literal and immediately observable (and often predictable) solutions to the magic found beneath. 

Any courses or memberships will also not be refunded, as full intention and energy have already been poured into each offering, and I gully expect any client to use his/her intuition and discernment before purchasing any course or product. Testimonials are available and, in most cases, already displayed. It is not Mellie's responsibility to determine whether or not a product is "right" for you, and because we are all unique beings at unique points in our journeys, no specific result can be guaranteed. Results can be skewed by many things, including your own preconceptions or expectations, your own available time, your own ability to receive intuitive information at any given point.  You are making the commitment.

You also understand that any LIVE portion of any live artwork or logo design is an added bonus and by no means a right. While every effort will be made to allow you to watch the design session live, you will not be refunded your payment if for some reason circumstances intervene and you are unable to join the live session as scheduled. Some clients also prefer to NOT be live, to allow Mellie to broadcast on her own schedule, and to simply watch the replay instead.

  • Because of the unpredictability of technology (including internet connections, Periscope, Katch and YouTube) and well as the powerful energy coming through, it is entirely possible that technological difficulties may arise. Should you for some reason be unable to attend live, Mellie will do her best to provide a link to the video replay upon completion of the concept design.  
  • The live design is a bonus behind-the-scenes look into Mellie's intuitive process while designing your first logo concept. While Mellie will be talking aloud to share her thoughts and insights, this will generally not be an interactive session. 
  • The nature of intuitive design requires Mellie to remain centered and focused on the process moment by moment while transcending mind chatter. Meaning, she will also generally be unable to respond to real-time conversation due to the fact that her two digital devices will be in use during the session. Her iPhone will be perched out of view, recording the session, and she will actively be working on her notepad and laptop (Adobe Illustrator software) to create your design. 
  • Mellie will be focused on the process and intuitively responding to the energies in any given moment, and prefers not to be distracted by the expectation of continually responding to outside (and generally mind-chatter-based) direction. Getting (and staying) in “the zone” is key.