Sacred Embodiment: the Method

“Sacred Embodiment - The Method" allows you to embody a very high frequency in record speed so that you can activate your Highest Potential. This method uses a unique Lightbody map, moving you past the chakra system and closer and closer to Source. These clearings increase the amount of Source you’re embodying and move you towards restoring your distortion-free direct connection.

By going “beyond” the programs, we peel away what’s no longer in alignment, bringing you closer to 100% self-sourcing and self-mastery. SETM also goes beyond the “Law of Attraction,” which is a type of manipulative black magic which prioritizes and forces egoic will over your soul’s true path and divine co-creation. Forcing personal will over divine will is not true “Creation” and has repercussions.

This method is also capable of clearing any distortions and siphoning associated with other systems and modalities which can “implant” you with external energies or the teacher/practitioner’s own agenda.

Of all the modalities I’ve practiced, been trained in, or been certified in, SETM is the most powerful, holistic and transformational of them all.

What Happens in a Session?

The moment you sign up for a session, your energetic field begins to gear up and anticipate your upcoming clearing. Your soul knows what you’re ready for, and is already starting to shift.

Directed by your own Soul/Lightbody — and based on your intentions — I’ll facilitate the release of disharmonious energies and realign your field so that anything that’s not serving you is free to leave. I’m intuitively guided to raise various parts of your physical system (the embodied part of your Lightbody) in frequency in a very specific and unique order — so that we can lift you up high enough to shake off whatever is holding you back and ready to go.

I work 100% in service to your soul. By following the direction of your Lightbody, we are able to clear energies without needing to consciously identify, dissect, or analyze them. That is TRUE FREEDOM! By circumventing logic, judgement, desire, and ego/will, we bypass judgment, mind stories, and limitations and thereby increase the effectiveness of the clearing.

I’ve been studying for years under and personally trained by the founder of Sacred Embodiment: the Method in facilitating clearing sessions with SETM and in leading group clearings using the 10 Meditations clearing tool.


The10 Meditations Clearing Tool

Are you ready for deep truth and sovereign power that go beyond the limitations of your natal chart, sun and moon cycles, outdated dogma and healing systems, AND can give you direct steps to restore your direct connection with Source through your own Divine Core?

A 10 Meditations clearing practice will fast-track your transformation and teach you self-mastery.

The “10 Meditations” refers to ten unique “energy packets” which, when harnessed at once with the “10 Meditations Clearing Statement,” become a set of powerful energetic scrubbing brushes. These “scrubbing brushes” move through your Lightbody, clearing away whatever is not “you.” Basically, anything holding you back from being 100% self-sourcing as a self-sovereign being. We use the 10 meditations energy packets (by way of the 10 Meditations clearing statement) to fast-track any growth you’ve been hoping for when it comes to your spiritual mastery and healing, transformational and energetic management skills.

With the 10 Meditations tool, you can clear on ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in your life. And the words you use will be your own unique keycodes to unlocking what’s stuck. The energy of the “10 Meditations” knows what is asking to be cleared, whether or not you consciously or logically “get it.” There are no limits to what you can address and clear. And the more you use the tool, the stronger your own lightbody becomes even when you’re not using it — kind of like lifting weights!

No, you don’t NEED to have your own Lightbridge (set of the 10 “scrubbing brushes) or even borrow mine (which is how you benefit when attending one of my group clearings), but having access to this tool is literally the difference between hiking a mountain and having a helicopter fly you to the top. The helicopter gets you there much faster and with less effort, and you’ll get that much more lift and power by connecting to the 10 Meditations Lightbridge - which never implants or cords you, but simply accelerates and exponentially amplifies your own clearing ability.

I offer periodic in-person and online real-time 10 Meditations clearing sessions: fill out the contact form to inquire about booking one, or about inviting me to facilitate a regular group!

Are you ready for some shifts?

Try a session, a package, or a 4-week on-demand course to raise your frequency, stat!

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