Bridge Into the Light - Goddess Lakshmi - Unwrap the Cloaks without Fear


Bridge Into the Light - Goddess Lakshmi - Unwrap the Cloaks without Fear


The three energies intuitively chosen for this recording removes any shrouds you've taken on out of obligation to others, allowing you to shift into the new light frequencies with clarity and fearlessness, magnetizing luck and wisdom.

Due to the digital nature of this product, no refunds will be offered. I am not a doctor, and this recording is for entertainment only.

I'm a certified Core Expansion practitioner; Core Expansion was founded by the divine Finn Goddard, a fellow Sacred Activations Master Practitioner.

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The three Core Energies included in this recording:

Bridge Into the Light Core Energy

Supports you, and all aspects of you to shift into the new frequency and energies of light on our planet energetically, physically, emotionally and psychically. This is a powerful Core Energy and is especially beneficial  for anyone who has been journeying through the dark of the night soul   at any point of life. Bridge Into the Light is a Core Energy that supports you to cross over and align with the light as out-dated paradigms of limitation, fear, distrust, confusion and distortion fall away so you can embrace the light fully and move more fluidly and with joy into the light of the next phase of our lives on this planet. Our old selves are transforming and our new selves are being reborn.

Goddess Lakshmi Core Energy

Aligns you with the energies of luck, wealth with integrity, wisdom, knowledge, strength, courage, clarity in your direction and fearlessness in creating and upholding your creations and dismantling obstacles so you can take the lessons and gifts from those experiences and use them for your own and others highest and best.

Unwrap The Cloaks Without Fear Core Energy

Unwrapping the cloaks you may have taken on out of obligation from others, including invisibility cloaks which may have shrouded your full self and full potential. Over time carrying the energetic cloaks of others especially those we have take on knowingly and unknowingly of our clients, loved ones and even our ancestors such as struggle, betrayal, unworthiness, anger, bitterness and much more can begin to weigh heavily upon you. This Core Energy brilliantly and swiftly unfurls all the oaths, vows, and obligations to carry and wear these cloaks from the point of creation, across all times lines to infinity and beyond rendering the cloaks obsolete so you can share your Divine Light and your gifts fully once again.