Carnelian - Hidden Inside - Embrace Transformation - Rise of Your Inner Spirit


Carnelian - Hidden Inside - Embrace Transformation - Rise of Your Inner Spirit


The four energies intuitively chosen for this recording transform hidden resentment and trauma, providing nourishment to increase your courage and allow your divine gifts to be revealed and amplified. 

Due to the digital nature of this product, no refunds will be offered. I am not a doctor, and this recording is for entertainment only.

I'm a certified Core Expansion practitioner; Core Expansion was founded by the divine Finn Goddard, a fellow Sacred Activations Master Practitioner.

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The four Core Energies included in this recording:


The energy of Carnelian births the energy of nourishment, courage, confidence and clarification to move forward and enhance your flow of life. Carnelian is excellent for supporting and nourishing actions that are for your highest and best. This energy inspires you to take action and is especially empowering and healing for anyone who procrastinates.

Hidden Inside – AKA Buried Inside

Works through all aspects of you across all times lines resolving and transforming deeply hidden emotions of anger, resentment, hate, sorrow, grief and betrayal of having your gifts and power taken away from you, or being separated from those gifts for your protection. As the energy works through the points of creation, it retrieves and embraces the knowledge   of your Core Gifts and brings them into your consciousness and sub consciousness with the highest truth, perspective, and understanding in love, forgiveness and compassion. This awakens your Divine/Core Gifts so you can share them with the world with confidence, discernment and freedom.

Embrace Transformation

We can often be resistant to embracing transformation, as with every transformation we can find ourselves beyond our comfort zones. The  more we resist, the more we are pushed into opening ourselves up to the experience and all that unfurls with transformation. This beautiful Core Energy restores your faith in the energy of transformation, so you can   fully trust and embody the energy of transformation without inviting in limiting energies to teach you to embrace your transformation fully.

Rise of Your Inner Spirit

We each have an inner spirit what may have been blocked or even shit down through life times and eons of trauma, the Rise of Your Inner Spirit heals and resolves all shock and trauma and fears you may be holding on a cellular level and through your DNA of truly raising and awakening your powerful and passionate inner spirit so you can advance and rise   up divinely and with integrity as we shift, transform and sustain our frequencies through these incredible times.