Expression Communication - Picture Jasper - Resistance Metamorphose - Core Creationary


Expression Communication - Picture Jasper - Resistance Metamorphose - Core Creationary


The four energies intuitively chosen for this recording reduces resistance and any connections to disempowerment. They release reactionary energies and connect you to the nourishment of the earth, clearing any trauma around expressing your gifts.

Due to the digital nature of this product, no refunds will be offered. I am not a doctor, and this recording is for entertainment only.

I'm a certified Core Expansion practitioner; Core Expansion was founded by the divine Finn Goddard, a fellow Sacred Activations Master Practitioner.

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The four Core Energies included in this recording:

Expression and Communication Core Energy

This is a powerful Core Energy that clears ancient trauma around expressing and communicating your truth and divine gifts, you will feel   this energy work through  your throat chakra, the chakras in your ears and all aspects of you. Many people carry shock and trauma around their throat, ears, eyes, limbs and cells from past life and ancestral experiences. We can hold this energy out of obligation, habit or even fear no longer being connected to the trauma. As the Core Energy runs, it will transmute all cellular, physical, emotional shock, trauma on all levels and restore the energetic flow of your truth, gifts and empower you to express and communicate magnificently.

Picture Jasper Crystalline Core Energy

Picture Jasper, Core Energy is highly supportive and brings in a deep connection to the earth. This Core Energy is very nurturing, protective and supportive during times of transformation. This energy is very maternal, supportive and loving, it is wonderful for children, adults and animals alike, and is especially powerful for any one who feels disconnected from their physical and energetic family, it is great to run with Life Tribe.

Resistance Metamorphose Core Energy

If healing doesn't seem to work as effectively for you as it does for others, you may have many large layers of resistance to so much (e.g. abundance, health, love, success) that the energies need to work through. This incredible and powerful Core Energy can transform your ability to heal effectively. This is the perfect Core Energy for transforming Resistance in both yourself and your clients.

Core Creationary Core Energy

This incredible Core Energy moves through the core of your being, releasing all reactionary energies including: sabotage, guilt, repression and energies of disempowerment raising your frequency and vibration supporting you to reclaim all aspects of your creationary energy, which is ever moving and evolving by actively expanding who you are and activates your Divine powers of creation.