February 2017 Bundle: Claim Your Magic


February 2017 Bundle: Claim Your Magic


This is the complete Claim Your Magic Bundle from the month of February, 2017.

Digital Package includes links to download both video and audio-only versions of:

  • Anahata Codes group session ($77 value - Three questions brought through the Divine Intelligence of 8 powerful Assisting Frequencies which were selected by the higher consciousness of the group, plus any who would listen to/view this session in the future.)
  • Sacred Activations group session ($490 value - includes If I Were President, Bodies in Balance Sacred Activation, Brain in Balance Sacred Activation, Karmic Loop Sacred Activation, Fears Phobias Anger Resentment, Disconnection from the FEAR of Lack Fear of the Future and Scarcity, Alchemy of the 3rd Dimension, Galactic Grid, Life's Grid, "Bridging the Gap” Activation, Divine Feminine Activation, Moon Goddess Activation, Prosperity Code Activation,  plus more that came through during the session! )
  • Guided Intuitive Soul Art Session with Sacred Activations and Anahata Codes ($250+ value)
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There is no wrong way to run Sacred Activations. Even if you are slightly distracted, the energies will run and continue clearing. I run activations during my day, even while in the company of others. Ask that the Activations run with ease and grace, and remember to ground yourself when you feel the Sacred Activation is complete.

Sacred Activations allow you to disconnect from matrixes of fear and suffering and plug you into your unconditional love at higher dimensions. These activations release you from hundreds to thousands of belief systems per activation. They activate your Sacred Geometry.  Clearings work on releasing you from limitations in your current life, past lives, unhook you from your ancestral lines where you are limited, and disconnect you from the collective consciousness from the ways that no longer serve you.  

Mellie Test is a Master Sacred Activations Practitioner and has been certified to share hundreds of Sacred Activations, as well as channel her own.

Mellie is also a Certified Anahata Codes Practitioner (CACP). "Anahata Codes provide access to assisting frequencies already in the state of reality you wish to resonate with in order for your body to ascend into a place of balance and healing today by bathing your cells in the vibration of the intelligence of things which have information you body will use to balance."