Sacred Ecosystem - Virtues


Sacred Ecosystem - Virtues


The two energies intuitively chosen for this recording gifts you with the deep knowledge of your divine design, enhancing your energetic space to connect with your gifts. They also support you energetically in reclaiming your virtues so that new possibilities can emerge.

Due to the digital nature of this product, no refunds will be offered. I am not a doctor, and this recording is for entertainment only.

I'm a certified Core Expansion practitioner; Core Expansion was founded by the divine Finn Goddard, a fellow Sacred Activations Master Practitioner.

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The two Core Energies included in this recording:

Sacred Ecosystem Core Energy

We are each linked to the vast sacred eco-system of our planet; our inner and outer energies can be reflected in our environment from the people we attract into our life, even our living and business  environment. This is Core Energy is profound and powerful, gifting you with the knowledge of your divine design and connection to this earthly plane, enhancing your energetic space so that you can connect on a deep level with all your gifts. This Core Energy connects you to the essence of all life on our planet from land, seas, waters, mountains, plants, animals and all of humanity, which is so important for all of us  at this time of immense transformation, giving us the knowing and gift  of adaptability so you can truly flourish and thrive in this lifetime.

Virtues Core Energy

Virtues are the very essence of us, and our character. There are many virtues and we have many too. Sometimes we can fall off the track when  it comes to upholding our virtues, or we are swayed away from what is true to us by the shifts in our society and communities. This beautiful Core Energy supports you energetically in reclaiming your virtues so you can share them with the world, opening you up to new possibilities and to greater joy and fulfillment in all aspects of your life.