Stop, Drop, Rock + Roll - 4 week Clearing Series


Stop, Drop, Rock + Roll - 4 week Clearing Series


A 4-week series of clearing calls using the powerful energetic muscle of the 10 Meditations Clearing Tool to accelerate and amplify your energy work! That’s at least 4 HOURS of clearing and long-lasting transformation for just $40!

You’ll be given access to a Dropbox folder containing the audio and video recordings for each call, plus a PDF with the statements/keywords/keycodes covered during each session.

You’ll also be able to deepen the work if/when you feel called by purchasing your own 10 Meditations lightbridge access directly from the founder of the Tool/Method, after which you’ll be able to access an even deeper layer to each recording, again and again.

  • Clearing Call 1:
    STOP carrying and being affected by the past

  • Clearing Call 2:
    DROP into your Divine Core - get 100% connected to your Divine Core - and into alignment in each moment of now

  • Clearing Call 3:
    Establish a ROCK / solid foundation of balanced exchange and neutrality from which to move forward… AND ROCK into momentum by restoring your Divine Love Interface and clearing around flow and seamless integration/interfacing.

  • Clearing Call 4:
    ROLL forward with momentum into your Divine Mission

Due to the nature of the commitment, no refunds will be issued.

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The 10 Embody the Sacred Meditations (clearing activations) are designed to support you in 100% restoring your Original Human Lightbody and direct connection to Source. Each audio meditation contains a unique “energy packet” which can be likened to a set of scrubbing brushes which move through your Lightbody, clearing away whatever is not “you” - anything holding you back from being 100% self-sourcing as a sovereign being.

While they originated as energy-encoded audios, you don’t have to listen to the meditations in order to harness their power. The energy packets behind all 10 meditations can be drawn together and amplified by using a one sentence tool: the “10 Meditations Clearing Statement.” With this tool, you can clear on EVERYTHING in your life. The energy of the “10 Meditations” knows what is asking to be cleared, whether or not you consciously/mentally understand. There are no limits to what you can address and clear.

These unique and powerful energy packets can be applied to any situation or state either by sharing the scrubbing brushes with someone who has them (in this case, Mellie, who also has the ability to help you clear at planetary, galactic, and universal levels) or by investing a small amount in access of your own. A set of these “scrubbing brushes” can also be referred to as a “light bridge,” and multiple light bridges clearing at the same time will always multiply the clearing effects.

We use the 10 meditations clearing statement to fast track any growth you’ve been hoping for when it comes to your spiritual mastery and healing, transformational and energetic management skills - as well as teach you mastery when it comes to how to accelerate the planet's frequency by shifting yours.