Passionate Blues

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Passionate Blues


Handmade Energetically Coded & Infused Intuitive Healing Painting

10 x 8
Acrylic on repurposed Stretched Canvas - ready to hang!

It’s an original piece of artwork - the ONLY ONE of its kind! Infused with at least 15 layers (I lost track!) of potent healing and high vibrational energies - designed to be continually released as you are ready to receive them!

This piece is infused energies that open the door and holds the space for you to match the new frequencies, thereby making you more magnetic to your desires!

I tune into the energies as I paint, setting intentions and creating the space for high vibrational frequencies to infuse each stroke. Then I witness as the imagery unfolds before me. The painting always tells me when it’s finished – it’s an intuitive journey. As I create I can feel the Universe – Source – gently guiding my color choices and markmaking. It’s a sacred experience.

(Disclaimer: I neither diagnose nor treat illnesses nor injuries. I am NOT a medical doctor.)

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