"Blue Sky" - #inktober Day 30


"Blue Sky" - #inktober Day 30


#Inktober 2017 Day 30
Original unicorn ink and watercolor art

Every day of #Inktober 2017 I chose a specific watercolor for my INKspiration in creating a unique unicorn (Uniquorn) illustration!

This sweet Uniquorn is feeling free in the clouds - not because she’s escaping, but because she’s allowing herself to revel in the expansive space around her. From here, she’s got perspective. And agility - she can move in any direction without obstacles blocking her way. She’s chosen possibility!

The handmade watercolor which inspired this piece is “Blue Sky” by Jazper Stardust- Finer Handmade Art Materials. I love the variation in depth! 

And yes, if you notice by the near-empty pan, I like using a LOT of pigment. Subtlety just isn’t my “thing” lolol!

You can find the whole series on my Instagram feed!

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After the 31st of October, the entire Dancing Uniquorn #inktober 2017 unicorn series was made into vector graphics and uploaded to my RedBubble shop, where you can find these beauties on mugs, apparel (even onesies!), on laptop covers and duvets!