"Moonglow" - #inktober Day 18


"Moonglow" - #inktober Day 18


#Inktober 2017 Day 18
Original unicorn ink and watercolor art

Every day of #Inktober 2017 I chose a specific watercolor for my INKspiration in creating a unique unicorn (Uniquorn) illustration!


I love the granulating effects of this Daniel Smith pigment, “MOONGLOW” - I really feel it heightens the depth and magic! 
This piece has a sense of clarity and isolation - not in a negative sense, but in isolating yourself from all the external “noise” so that you can sail clearly, relying on your own Divine Feminine Knowing. Honor YOUR rhythm and flow - not what you’re told or pressured to do!

You can find the whole series on my Instagram feed!

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After the 31st of October, the entire Dancing Uniquorn #inktober 2017 unicorn series was made into vector graphics and uploaded to my RedBubble shop, where you can find these beauties on mugs, apparel (even onesies!), on laptop covers and duvets!