Live in Full Color: Unicorn Oracle Art


Live in Full Color: Unicorn Oracle Art


This is an original 11 x 15 inch piece created for the 54-card Dancing Uniquorn Oracle Deck. Each deck's original unicorn illustration artwork is infused with quantum frequencies and an Activation, both free from distortion.

The message for this piece from the unicorn oracle deck:


To live in full color, you need to activate the full spectrum. Masculine and feminine and the void in between. The Goddess who takes action. Action born from trust and receptivity.

Can you allow the full spectrum of reality without polarizing one way or another? Can you accept what is while Knowing you can create a greater range?

Materials used: 

  • Professional grade watercolor (Schmincke, Daniel Smith, and QOR)
  • Sharpie black fine point marker
  • Sharpie water-based paint pen
  • Winsor & Newton gold ink
  • F+W Pearlescent inks
  • Strathmore acid free 140# watercolor cold press paper 
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Watch from start to finish as magic is made with another piece in this series of illustrations...